February 2012

Expiring Licenses

Has Your License Expired?   We are approaching the time of year when fishing licenses are expiring and you need to renew them. This is also a time of year when some popular game fish like walleyes, become out-of-season. If you keep your fishing license in your wallet (I
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RustyKan's 2nd Eelpout in an hour

Perch and Pout Roundup

Defeated…mostly   Well, I’m finally putting together a recap of the Perch and Pout weekend. I got pretty sick over the last couple of days and my face got sun/wind burned pretty bad from all of the beautiful weather over the weekend. Overall, the weekend trip was
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Perch & Pout Hunt – Mille Lacs

Nitti’s Hunter’s Point Perch and Pout Tournament   This Saturday, tomorrow, I will be joining in on the festitivies for the Great Perch and Pout Hunt held out of Nitti’s Hunters Point resort, on Mille Lacs Lake. It will be my first try and I’m hoping
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Ice Fishing Etiquette – Dogs

Should You Take Your Dog Ice Fishing With You?   Maybe this is you? Man’s best friend. Joining his master for one of his master’s favorite activities. Man’s best friend decides to snoop around another fish shack and grab a snack to chew on. That fisherman
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ice buster bobbers

Featured Product Reviews

Product Review – Today’s Tackle Ice Buster Bobbers   I’d like to start mixing in some product reviews besides fish finders. I will let you know what I think of the products I’ve used and why I think you should give them a try. Every so often I will be
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Ice Fishing Tips – Try Out of the Box Ideas

Out of the Box Ideas for Panfish   Panfish are probably the most common fish sought after during the ice fishing season. Most likely because there are large numbers of them compared to larger fish. This makes it easier for us fisherman to bring home a meal for the family.
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Ice Fishing Clearance Sale

Ice Fishing Clearance Sale   The last two years (two children under 2)  have turned me into more of an internet fisherman than I’d like, but one of the benefits of needing to stick around home all the time is that I do notice a lot more deals, online, than I ever
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