July 2012

Summertime Chores for Ice Fishing

Tune Up Your Ice Fishing Equipment in the Summertime Something I like to do during the summer is check out my ice fishing equipment. Particularly my flasher (Marcum LX-5) and my Strikemaster auger. More than just ‘checking them out’, I like to charge up the battery
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How To Measure a Fish When You Forget the Measuring Stick

Fishing Tip – Measure Fish Without A Measuring Stick   We’ve all been there before. You catch a big fish, look around for the measuring stick and all of the sudden it hits you, you forgot it at home. So how do you measure your great catch? How can you tell
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Fishing Tip – Try Using a Thermocell Against Mosquitos

Thermocell – Keep the Mosquitos Away   Mosquitos are a bothersome pest and can leave you itching for days, but the Thermocell can help change that. I put together a little video showing you the thermocell and some basic features. This works great for keeping mosquitos
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Cabins are Fun for the Family

Staying At a Wilderness Resort Cabin   This last weekend, our family rented a cabin in Nisswa, MN. We stayed at the Wilderness Resort on Middle Cullen Lake. Even though it was only a weekend, it was our first ‘family vacation’-no relatives, no friends, just us,
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River Fishing – Crossing it Off This Summer’s Bucket List

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, river fishing can provide some fun action and some great memories. This last week, my buddy Danno and I got together after work and took the boat out to some unchartered waters in search of ‘anything that will bite.’ We headed
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