Top 5 Fish Finders Under $200

Quality Brand Fish Finders Under $200

If you are looking for a new fish finder at a reasonable price, I have a few listed below that rate well with other consumers and have a quality name. These fish finders aren’t as powerful as the expensive models, but they will serve you well when looking for fish and finding the bottom depths.

X-4 Pro fish finder$100 & under – Lowrance X-4 Pro Sonar

X-4 Pro Features

  • High-speed 200kHz Skimmer transom-mounted transducer with a wide 60° coverage area
  • Depths up to 600 ft.
  • Water temperature
  • 240V x 160H resolution with Grayline® target separation
  • Sunlight-readable, 4″ SuperTwist™ LCD with quick updates
  • Features Automatic ASP™, FishTrack™ and Advanced Fish I.D.™
  • 800-watt peak-to-peak/100-watt RMS power

Lowrance produces many high quality products. Even the lower level models such as the X-4 Pro, provide fisherman and boaters with fish/depth finder capabilities they need to improve fishing opportunities. The X-4 is a great deal at less than $100. If you are interested in purchasing this as your first fish finder, or looking to add another to your boat, you will be happy with the value of this unit.

PiranhaMax 180 fish finder$150 & under – Humminbird PiranhaMax 180

PiranhaMax 180 Features

  • 4″ monochrome, 240V x 160H resolution display
  • TriBeam 200 kHz/455 kHz transducer
  • 1,600-watt peak-to-peak power
The PiranhaMax 180 is a easy to use fish finder and a nice unit for any boat. This fish finder has options for Fish ID, fish alarms, depth alarms, zoom and many more options. The 180 features the Humminbird Tilt and Swivel mount, which is a drop in style mount.
It doesn’t get much easier to use than the PiranhaMax 180 for a novice fisherman. Installing it is simple. Basically a plug and play unit, you will begin marking fish and depths before you know it. Use this fish finder to better understand lakes you know, and use it to explore and learn new lakes you’ve always been interested in. For $150 this unit gives you great value and a more enjoyable experience out on the water.

FishEasy 350c fish finder$200 & under – Eagle FishEasy 350c

350c Features

  • 320Vx240H 3.5″ color display
  • 200kHz Skimmer transducer with water temperature
  • 60° fish-detection coverage
  • COLORLINE defines bottom composition
  • Waterproof and sealed housing
This is a fishfinder that offers greater visibility in direct sunlight. COLORLINE® improves target definition and defines bottom composition. Adjustable ping speed with automatic HyperScroll™ displays fish targets at higher boat speeds. For a price around $200, the color screen and clear display make this fish finder well worth the buy. For fisherman that have a harder time seeing monochrome displays (black and white), the color brings out features that are easy to see and help you distinguish larger fish from smaller fish.


Elite 4x DSILowrance Elite 4x DSI

Elite 4x DSI features 

  • 320×240 3.5″ LED color display
  • 2,800-watts peak-to-peak, 350 RMS power
  • 455/800 kHz DualBeam DownScan transducer
  • 200-ft max depth
  • Easy-to-use menu controls
  • Quick-release tilt and swivel bracket

If you are looking for a fish finder under $200 that has DownScan imaging, this is about as cheap as you will see for a new fish finder. Use the imaging to reveal a picture like image of what is below you. It will help distinguish predator fish or baitfish, thermoclines, and hard to find structure you might not see with the traditional 2D sonar.

Mark 4 GPS SonarLowrance Mark 4 GPS/Sonar

Mark 4 GPS/Sonar Features

  • 3.5″ high-contrast LED?display
  • 2,100-watts peak-to-peak, 200-watts RMS power
  • 20° 83/200kHz transducer
  • 1,000-ft. depth capability
  • Internal 16-channel GPS antenna
  • Compatible with LakeMaster, Navionics and Fishing Hot Spots charts

Here is another fish finder that is $200 dollars that provides excellent value for the money. Lowrance’s quality name automatically makes this an easy choice to purchase. The added capability of GPS gives fisherman who like to use lake maps a great advantage over anglers who don’t have it. Easily find those structure areas in open water and work the edges with the Lowrance Mark 4.


We’ve all heard it before, “You get what you pay for.” In the world of fish finders, these models represent the lower end. That doesn’t mean these fish finders don’t work, it means they are less powerful and don’t have as many different features as higher end fish finders-most notably screen size. For someone looking to buy a fish finder at a reasonable price, these units will serve you well.

If you are interested in fish finders that have some of the best features technology provides, I encourage you to explore the Humminbird 798, and the Lowrance HDS 5.