New to Fish Finders?

Fish Finders, Sounders, Charplotters, Sonar, GPS, depth finders-lots of different names and features, but all help the ultimate goal-find and catch fish.

Fish finders have made incredible advances in the last couple of decades. For those who are younger, you may have never had to experience fishing the “old fashioned way”, where hot spots, and secrets were passed down the family tree. Younger generations of anglers¬†have often had the benefit of the doubt to fish studied areas on new and favorite bodies of water.

GPS and charplotters, along with powerful SONAR, have changed the way people fish, and the forseeable future does not show us otherwise. It isn’t uncommon for fisherman to scan areas across the lake for extended periods of time before they find fish, just to begin fishing. The idea is, why fish a spot (even if there was fish there yesterday) if you don’t see fish on the fish finder.¬† This is such a critically important function of the fish finder, so why not benefit from it?

There are numerous brands of fish finders on the market, but a few of them have risen above the rest, by both technology and popularity. Lowrance and Humminbird gain a lot of attention in the world of fish finders, and rightfully so. They have stayed on the forefront to provide fisherman with the latest technology, all at affordable prices. Garmin has also hung around the leaders of the pack with their abilities to provide high quality marine equipment.

The latest and greatest in marine electronics is imaging. To be more specific, side imaging and down imaging. Humminbird first came out with this concept in fish finding units, and Lowrance has followed suit. It provides an angler with an acute visual of the bottom of the lake. Before this technology was available, structures such as bridge pilings or submerged trees may have looked like a blob on the bottom of the sonar. Now, users can clearly see what they are driving over (or next to). Not only can you see what you are driving over, but you can see if there are fish located within it. Fish finders with these capabilities truly are pioneering the fishing future, and those that have them, will reap the benefits.