Best Way to Store Flasher Transducer

Storing flasher transducer


I use a MarCum LX-5 and if I leave my transducer in the little cup with the styrofoam at the bottom, for an extended period of time, my transducer will be stuck and very difficult to set free. Foam will be stuck on the bottom of the transducer and frustration as well. By placing a little bit of plastic wrap in the holder, or around your tranducer, you can avoid this.

In the beginning of one ice fishing season, I drilled a hole to check depth and check for fish. After drilling the hole and pulling my Marcum out, I soon realized what I forgot to use plastic wrap at the end of last spring. I forgot to put a little bit of plastic wrap in the transducer holder to keep it from sticking over the summer. I usually pull the Marcum out to charge the batteries a couple times over the warmer months, but I forgot to check the transducer. I had to use a set of needlenose pliers to pry the transducer out and this caused noticable scratches in the side of the transducer. It still works fine, but this should be a warning to all of those that have suffered the same frustrations as me. Put some plastic wrap in your transducer cup.

Good luck fish’n

Brad @SonarFish


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