Get Crazy Ice Fishing

Get Creative With Ice Fishing Tactics

Ice fishing, with a flasher on the ice, all by your lonesome in a shack, can be a real mental test when you are marking fish and not catching them. I go so far as to ask the fish what the $#*% they want sometimes.

Not marking any fish can make your decisions easy to pack up and move to another spot or try again another day.

When you are actively marking fish and nothing you do seems to work, sometimes you have to keep the faith, maintain confidence that the fish will turn on at some point. If you know that a moonrise/moonset or sunrise/sunset will be occurring in the next hour or so, hang in there and keep trying for those fish.

If you switch up baits, but none of them seem to trigger the bites, try extreme techniques. Try going insanely slow with rises and drops of your lure. Try going crazy fast. See if this changes the activity of the fish below on your flasher. You have to try something different.

Most fisherman, if not all, will experience times when they just can’t catch the fish below them, even though they know they are there. Try to keep an open mind and win the mental battle so you can win the physical battle and catch those fish.


Good luck fish’n

Brad @SonarFish


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