Find Depth Through Ice Without Drilling a Hole

Checking depth without drilling holes

Unseasonably warm temperatures and a lack of snow give ice fisherman a chance to check water depth without drilling holes first. Many people do not know this, but in the beginning of the ice season, if the ice is somewhat clear, you can put your transducer on the ice and it will read the actual depth. This may not be practical for marking fish, but to check depth, you gotta try it.

It isn’t always as easy as setting the transducer on the ice. Sometimes you have to pour a bit of water on the ice and then lay your transducer on that layer of water to make a good “connection.” Carrying a small water bottle with you can save you a lot of hassle and energy. You will want to make sure you clear any snow or debris and find a dark spot in the ice (make sure the dark ice isn’t a spot of ‘bad’ ice). The dark spot should indicate clear ice. If you want to waste your time drilling lots of holes to find the right depth, go ahead. I will just pour a little water and set my transducer down, then go get the auger when I am ready to drill a hole.


Good luck fish’n

Brad @SonarFish


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