New Panfish Tips For You to Try

Out of the Box Ideas for Panfish


Panfish are probably the most common fish sought after during the ice fishing season. Most likely because there are large numbers of them compared to larger fish. This makes it easier for us fisherman to bring home a meal for the family. But what happens when those oh-so-common panfish aren’t biting?

Sometimes your normal routine of jigging patterns isn’t enough to get the finnicky fish to strike your lure. Sometimes you need to dig deep into the basket of fishing knowlege that you’ve accumulated, and throw a sinking, rising, fast, slow, double windmill curveball at the fish. That’s right, get funky in your approach. Try something that these fish have never seen before.

One thing I like to do in shallow water is swim my lure in circles, as wide as the hole I drilled, and kicking it out to the sides under the ice. Maybe this doesn’t sound so funky, but the point is, not a whole lot of other fisherman are trying new and different techniques. Too many of them stay stuck in their same old ways and the fish get accustomed to it.

Try tying up an unusual “ice fishing method” lure. I’m thinking along the lines of a drop-shot, similar to those that bass fisherman use. Try different shaped weights. Maybe a fish shaped weight could help attract fish to your lure and get them to bite.

Never underestimate your creativeness and how the fish will react to it. You can only know by trying. And don’t get discouraged if your experiments don’t work the first time you try them. How did someone think to hook a worm ‘wacky’ style? They were being creative and gave it a try!

For everyone who reads this, the next time you go fishing, try something completely off-the-wall and test it out. I’d love to hear back from you about what you tried, even if it did, or didn’t work! Leave a comment below or let me know in the forums.


Good luck fish’n

Brad @SonarFish


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