Should You Ice Fish Horizontal or Vertical?

Ice Fishing – Horizontal vs Vertical


Getting stuck in a rut is a problem all fisherman run into. It is the great fisherman that knows when to switch up tactics before wasting too much time.

I have to admit, when my hands are cold and I am trying to stay warm, it’s hard to get motivated to change lures. But one thing I know is, if you are catching fish, you tend to feel a lot warmer–So I will switch lures everytime.

When fishing walleyes, one of my favorite lures is a Northland Buck-Shot Rattle Spoons. This is a terrific vertical presentation, particularly when you tip it with a minnow head. I usually start with this, but if the fish aren’t responding, I will either switch colors or presentation style.

Tying on a horizontal lure can be all it takes to turn those lookers into biters. Try a Rapala Jigging Rap. This is a classic lure that has been proven over time.

Switching between vertical and horizontal is a great adjustment on ice and will help you catch more fish.


Good luck fish’n

Brad @SonarFish


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