Take Care of Your Trolling Motor

Tip For Your Trolling Motor


Have you ever worried about the shaking and bumping your trolling motor makes against your boat when you are traveling on rough water or trailering down the road? If you have, perhaps you should try a stablizing mount to secure the trolling motor head to prevent any damage.

For about 50 dollars, you can give yourself some insurance against your trolling motor’s head unit breaking–do to banging against your gunwhale, or wherever you have a trolling motor located on your boat.

There are a number of brands to choose from, but RAM Mounts makes a great trolling motor stabilizer. You can find these in your larger sporting goods stores or find them online.

A great thing about the RAM mounts is that they can be set up in a ton of different angles, so you can install it in many different ways to fit your boat.

With a couple twists of a knob, you can loosen your trolling motor from the stabilizer and be ready to deploy your trolling motor. It is very simple and best of all, effective.

The last thing you want to do, is to take that long drive for your fishing trip and have troubles with computer in your trolling motor while fishing. Even though trolling motors are built to take a licking, they can and will break if don’t care of them. Do yourself a favor now, and prevent a problem later.


Good luck fish’n

Brad @SonarFish


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