Ice Fishing Clearance Sale

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Ice Fishing Clearance Sale

Ice Fishing Clearance Sale


The last two years (two children under 2) ¬†have turned me into more of an internet fisherman than I’d like, but one of the benefits of needing to stick around home all the time is that I do notice a lot more deals, online, than I ever would’ve before.

Would I trade internet time for actual fishing time? In a heart beat. But I’m not in that position right now and I want to share some of my finds with you. Like Cabela’s having up to 40% savings on ice fishing gear. These discounts are on a wide range of ice fishing gear, from lures, to flashers, to underwater cameras, or even ice shacks.

We are getting into the best time of year to stock up on season ending ice fishing deals, as stores like Cabela’s start moving in new inventory for the changing seasons.¬†Looking for a high end flasher for cheap? Check out the deal on this Vexilar.

At the moment, Cabela’s also has a 1 cent shipping deal going on, so if you want to buy some bulkier stuff, now is definitely the time to do it. But that offer is ending soon. Click here for ice fishing deals.


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Good luck fish’n

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