Lowrance HDS-12 Gen 2 Touch – Lowrance HDS-12 Gen 2 Touch Fish Finder Review

Lowrance HDS-12 Gen 2 Touch


Lowrance’s HDS-12 touch fish finder is the next step to to making fish finders and smartphones compatible with each other. While they are not yet able to be synced together, the touch screen technology on the HDS-12 touch and smart phones is undeniable.

The HDS-12 touch is the largest screen size available in the touch series of HDS fish finders. It boasts features that the original HDS units(link) do not have, but it is mostly the same unit. Click here for a full review of the comparable HDS-10 fish finder.




Key features of HDS-12 Touch

  • Built-in StructureScan HD sonar imaging, with the award winning Lowrance Broadband Sounder, and also with DownScan Overlay and Lowrance’s TrackBack feature.
  • Personalized or built-in Insight mapping and optional Navionics charts. View both at once in 3D perspective view, plus StructureMap, Broadband Radar and SIRIUS weather overlay capability.
  • SolarMAX PLUS display for superior sunlight and wider-angle viewing.
  • Dual Ethernet port and two full-sized SD card slots and video-camera input.

Arguably the best new feature of the HDS-12 touch is the built in StructureScan. In past HDS units, a separate LSS box would need to be purchased and installed, but that step can be removed for a more simple setup. With the StructureScan built into the HDS touch fish finders, the price of these units is higher than older versions, but fewer components most often leads to fewer problems.

The ease of use with touch screen will be very similar for those who are used to touch screen smart phones. Changing screen layouts and the size of layouts is very easy and intuitive to help make it easy for first time users, as well as experienced users. If you feel uncomfortable with touch screens, do not worry as it will become second nature before long. Lowrance has designed the touch screen to be effective in cold and wet weather. Fingerprints should not be a problem with their design either.

If you enjoy using underwater video cameras, The HDS-12 has a port in back for easy installation and viewability right on your new fish finder. This would provide a much larger screen than many of the underwater cameras available.

For the best in fish finder technology, the HDS-12 Gen2 Touch is what you need. Simply purchase the unit, install your transducer and main unit, and imaging and sonar will be ready to go.