Polarized Sunglasses – One of the Best Fishing Tools

Using Polarized Sunglasses Can Dramatically Help Your Fishing


If you aren’t using polarized sunglasses when fishing in shallow waters or for fish that chase your lures, such as muskie and bass, then shame on you. You really need to consider using polarized sunglasses as soon as possible. You will be able to see in the water with much less glare, and with less glare, you will protect your eyes from harmful rays of sunlight.

Fishing With Polarized Sunglasses

Fisherman who fish in shallow waters, and ‘sight-fish’, know the powers behind a pair of polarized sunglasses. You can literally see below the surface of the water, probably twice as better than without a pair of polarized sunglasses. Bass fisherman looking to spot bedding largemouths have benefitted from polarized sunglasses for years, that’s why you see tournament fisherman wearing them.

As a musky fisherman, I know that polarized sunglasses can mean the difference in catching a musky that is following your lure, or not even knowing the fish is there. Being able to see the musky following from a greater distance, and deeper, you can prepare yourself for the follow-8 and increase your catch percentages.

Safety of Polarized Sunglasses

Being on the water without polarized sunglasses can cause damage to your eyes that can eventually lead to blindess, or at the very least, repeated irritation. After years of not wearing polarized sunglasses as a child and into my college years, I developed a callus type growth on my eye called ptygerium . This typically occurs on people near the equator, or people that spend a lot of time outdoors in windy/dusty environments.

I grew up in Wisconsin and now live in Minnesota. Many years of being on the boat with no sunglasses, or on the baseball field, with no sunglasses, has finally caught up to me and my eye suffers because of it. I instantly feel relief when I throw on a cheap pair of polarized glasses-whether it be driving in my truck or trying to catch the next fish. I can’t recommend them enough to you.