Smartphone Mapping – Put Yourself On The Spot With Navionics App

January 25th, 2012 Uncategorized 5 Comments
Smartphone Mapping – Put Yourself On The Spot With Navionics App

Navionics App


Looking for a GPS so you can put a lake map chip in it? Do you have a smartphone?

If you happen to own a smartphone on the list from this page (, you can purchase a Navionics app that will give you tons of lake maps for the defined area. Your phone can utilize triangulation to act as a GPS and you can use it out on the lake to put yourself in great fishing spots.

If you don’t get any cell phone reception for areas you fish, you may not be interested in this. But for anywhere you do get reception, you really need to consider this. At $10 for the U.S. and $15 for U.S. and Canada, this can be a great money saver for you. Consider buying a $150-$400 GPS and then a $100 lake chip for it. For a small fraction of that cost, you can use a device you already own.

 Hope you enjoy the tip. Do you have helpful information for the Navionics apps? Leave a comment below or sign up to the forums!


Good luck fish’n

Brad @SonarFish

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  1. outdoorguy outdoorguy says:

    This is AWESOME! I downloaded this on my phone a few days ago and gave it a good test on 4 different lakes in the last two days. What a super valuable tool. And my phone (Droid X) has a much bigger and better screen than my gps so this is a big benefit. It gives you the ability to download any areas on the map that you want using pinch-zoom so you can view them any time without having your gps on. These areas can be deleted just as easily to free up memory on your card. I never thought I would pay for an app but this was a great decision. Every fisherman with a smart phone should get this.

  2. Brad Brad says:

    How much did your Navionics App cost? Was anyone that fished with you impressed by how well it worked?

  3. outdoorguy outdoorguy says:

    I paid $15 for the U.S. and Canada lakes. U.S. only can be purchased for $10

  4. This is indeed great! An every fisherman must have.

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