Duck boat

Fish, Quack, Boom! Fishing and Duck Hunting

Fisherman and Duck Hunters If you don’t fish in the fall very often, you may not have had a run in with any duck hunters. But the diehards that are still out there fishing, chances are you’ve seen hunters…sometimes by accident. When the temperature starts
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One Man Battle

One Man Battle by Jeremy Koslowski on Friday, October 6, 2006 at 1:09pm One cool, crisp fall morning I found myself along the banks of the pristine Flambeau River with a fishing pole in hand.  Although I had with me no human companions, I was not alone.  The birds, the fish, the
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Manual Mode Fish Finder

Fish Finder To Do List – Auto Mode to Manual Mode

Call To Action Here is a call to action for you to try with your fish finder. The next time you go out fishing, take a little time to learn how to use your fish finder’s sonar in manual mode instead of auto mode. A fish finder’s sonar is a powerful tool that gives you
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Fish Finders of Professional Fisherman

Professional fisherman are pro’s for a reason, and the fact that very few of them remain the best at what they do, is incredible. Often times we see their sponsors drawn all over them like NASCAR, but some of those sponsors are there for a reason, including fish finding
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